Small budget, smart focus

We have provided you with some  techniques that require small budget investments, but a strong focus on being visible to your customers and audience. Any one of these tips can help to make your store more visible, but if you try all of them you can make your store top-of-mind for your customers.

Talk to the street:

Your store is one great big advertisement for itself. The store starts at the street with a presence that demands the customer look as they pass by and hopefully pull into the parking lot. This presence is made up of two elements: traditional signage and street side planting signage.

Traditional signage tells your customer the name of your store and its purpose. Typically that means putting the words “garden center” in the name.  Your signage should be readable at 10 miles faster than the posted speed limit.

Street side planting signage is NOT a landscape. Contrary to what you might think, there is no amount of shrubbery and grasses that will cause a customer to hit the brakes. Consider using a single-color, seasonally changeable planter mounted on a white resin fence for an optimum street side planting sign.


You will want to select at least one electronic communication technique or platform and use it regularly. Something like an enewsletter can be an easy solution. Social media is another option but tends to take more time. You should at least focus on one platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram and find ways to use it.

Take Things Personally:

Personal selling can be a very unique and clever strategy. This can be the time to highlight your staffs expertise. You can use in-store signage and electronic communication to introduce your staff by name, face, and by areas of expertise.  For example if you have a birding expert, then you might include this in every electronic newsletter and maybe have an area in the store highlighting this expertise.  If your staff has participated in certification program or training program then you might also talk about and highlight that.