New for 2021–Geofencing for Garden Centers!

Be the first in your area to use the power of digital marketing to target people shopping for your products at other stores in your area!

With this unique service we are able to place simple ads that brand your store directly on cell phones of people who are buying from other stores. These ads appear when they use a multitude of the free apps we all use every day.

This exciting service is inexpensive, very simple to use (no ongoing maintenance required for you), requires no long-term contract, and reaches key people who are buying from your competitors.

Call or email us today and ask for more information.


10/28/2020–Now is the time to call us to put together your early Spring through Summer 2021 mailings. Call today and we will email you one of our new catalogs of designs for our unique mailers.  In our over 38 plus years of marketing for garden centers, we have discovered how to make these mailings highly successful.  Also ask us about exciting new services we are launching for 2021 that will make your garden center even more profitable.  Be part of the growing number of smart garden centers that boost their sales and gain new, higher-spending customers!


These are perfect for distribution around homes you are making deliveries to.  Also use them to target homes in key areas you want more customers from, and for many other uses.  Our unique door hangers have a pop-out “Call to Action” discount or gift card for maximum response.  Call us today for more information on these, and pricing.


These beautiful, unique, and now proven new mailers target and bring into your store New Homeowners!  New Homeowners have increasingly become among the KEY NEW CUSTOMERS you need to reach out to and bring into your store.  We notice that our garden center clients who include New Homeowners in their mailings typically see higher average sales, and many more new life-long customers.

Please see sample designs on our “card samples” page.  Learn more by visiting our “New Homeowners” page.

Call us today at 800-359-3435 and we’ll help you choose the best New Homeowner mailing program for your unique store–and then sit back and enjoy these key new shoppers coming in!