New Targeted Geofencing Services for Garden Centers!

Our geofencing effectively uses digital marketing to get your garden center’s name and branding out to people who are shopping at other garden centers in your area. Think of it as a mobile billboard strategically placed to get the most out of your digital marketing budget by allowing you to target people who are buying products you sell from competing stores. We can also geofence entire neighborhoods, radius points, or events of your choosing.

Do you want to let people know about you, consider you when they are shopping next for garden supplies, or click to your website? Our exciting ads excel at those things. If you want to highlight an event, classes, or online ordering, we can have your ad link to the landing page of your choice when they click on it.

How long will they see your ads? Once we collect their phone ID, your ads will continue to show until a certain ending date.

How do you know if anyone responded to it? You will receive bi-monthly data analytic reports tracking how many impressions were served, how many people clicked on the ad to go to your website, how many people who had visited other stores then came to your store after viewing the ad, etc.

Our geofencing services are effective and inexpensive–call or email us today for more details on getting a program started for your store.