Are you looking for new garden center marketing ideas?  Here are some marketing ideas that you can implement to your own center.

1. Grow your own pizza:

A great community event that can bring in families and kids into the garden center is by literally creating a pizza. So instead of just promoting herbs, you promote it as “Growing Your Own Pizza”. This will easily attract pizza lovers who want fresh ingredients. If your attendees love the herbs and ingredients then it can help you boost your herb sales. This is also good clickbait for social media.

Now there are some limitations as it can only work for veggie-pizza but you can extend your range of home-grown fast food to tacos and Thai-curries. Needless to say, if you have a farm shop on-site you can use this opportunity to do some great cross-selling by promoting cheese and meat as well.

2. Miniature Gardening Workshops

Host a miniature gardening workshop for companies. This event has two positive outcomes:

1.) Colleagues will get to know each other better by spending some time on creating their own miniature garden. It’s always good to have some social interaction among co-workers.

2.) The miniature garden that create can be taken back to their office after the workshop. This will not only add some green vibes to their workplace, but also be advertising for you.

3. Plant some Fall Flowers:

Business is quiet at most garden centers between the Summer & Christmas months. One good idea is to plot some land or space to plant a huge amount of flowers that’ll bloom in September or October. Be sure to plant seasonal flowers for the fall.  Once the flowers begin to bloom you can host a flower picking festival that is open to the public. It is beneficial to plant varieties of flowers so the public has several options to choose from. As the festival gets bigger you can add small attractions or events for people to enjoy. You can also get the public involved with contests, people voting on their favorite flowers, and other small interactive events.

These are just 3 marketing event ideas that you can implement at your garden center. There are many more options that can help bring customers into your store. Depending on the size and space of your garden center obviously not everyone can hold all of these events. But next time you are looking for a way to get more customers think outside of the box and hold fun events!