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What Makes Your Social Media Page Successful?

Having a Facebook page for your garden center is okay, but having a page full of photos, information, and promotions are phenomenal. Here’s a quick list of do’s and don’t for your garden center social media campaign! If it [...]

New for 2021–Geofencing for Garden Centers!

New for 2021--Geofencing for Garden Centers! Be the first in your area to use the power of digital marketing to target people shopping for your products at other stores in your area! With this unique service we are able [...]

Ways to Get Your Garden Center Noticed

Small budget, smart focus We have provided you with some  techniques that require small budget investments, but a strong focus on being visible to your customers and audience. Any one of these tips can help to make your store [...]

Creative Marketing Ideas for the Garden Industry

An excellent creative marketing strategy can be hard to come by, and yet it is the most critical to develop for small businesses. In the garden industry, there are large-scale production facilities and smaller, local businesses that want to expand [...]


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