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Moore Consulting is an award-winning company that constantly innovates to increase sales for garden centers  We help garden centers not only increase their immediate sales, but also build their business by attracting new, better buyers to their stores, and by providing unique, critical analytics of their mailing programs to help them constantly improve their marketing efforts.

We love what we do and it shows–our programs work! 

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A very talented team makes up Moore Consulting. When you call the office, one of the friendly voices you’ll hear is Brandy Felipe. Brandy is multi-talented and often able to answer all of your questions herself. We also have Tom Eelkema in sales, Keith Dickson is our graphic designer who works closely with a team of graphic designers, Scarlett Felipe does mailer customization, and Tim Hort is our IT guru. Dr. Wayne Moore is involved in the entire process, and especially enjoys monitoring and watching as sales for each of our client garden centers is so high, and often increases each year.

Our Goal

Our Goal

Our goal is not to reach everyone in a community, but to do targeted mailings to focus on reaching people who spend more time and money on their gardens. This maximizes the return on investment (ROI) for our client garden centers. Our innovative programs, plus extensive experience, on-going testing and innovation, and regular analysis of results, all work together to reward garden centers with results that are far superior to mailing programs conducted by other companies, and beats social media as well in bringing in more new customers year after year.

It started over 38 years ago, in the fall of 1982.  Dr. Wayne Moore started a popular customer newsletter for garden centers in three states. These newsletters often contained coupons which we tested and learned from, as we searched for the offers that produced the best response rates and yielded the highest sales averages.

Moore Consulting has coordinated numerous and diverse marketing programs for garden centers over the years.  About 28 years ago our company developed the unique and effective New Homeowner program for garden centers.  Today this mailer sets the industry standard and is used by stores across the country to bring in New Homeowners.

In 2008 we launched the innovative Garden Cards program that mails out high-response pop-out plastic postcards to our unique and powerful Garden Lovers List™. This proprietary list brings in at least twice as many shoppers as other industry lists. We also have worked with our clients to test different offers, and this has given our company a huge advantage in knowing how to best draw customers into garden centers.

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